Memorial day weekend!!

ok so honestly i do not love this weekend – it is the 1st weekend of summer officially in my area – as marked by the high influx of shoobies (tourists) heading to the NJ shore…did you know shoobies got their nickname because they used to come tot he shore for the day with their lunch in a shoebox?

well now they don’t just come for the day they come for the day week weekend or whole summer – it is a million dollar industry…and it causes nothing but headaches for the locals who have to wait 3 hours in line because someone wants to disagree on how much tax there should be on an item…and waitresses get no tips from the Canadians who come down and forget our servers do NOT get a full wage and tipping is necessary.

on the upside it means the start of BBQ season…yesterday i went to one at my brother & sister in laws house – it was nice, the food was great and the people were friendly….it is just a really long drive to get there and home.

so now for the shop info….in the midst of the holiday weekend and rush i have decided to work on the new featured products of the day section of my website…i am allowing people to submit their designs to my site as a suggestion…however they must also submit someone else’s if they want to submit their own.  this not only gives me 2 suggestions but it is a great way for me to find great art on zazzle i would not have found otherwise!!

I am hoping to be able to feature someone every day but it is a lot of work to go in and do it each day, so it make become every other day, or maybe just on weekdays…we will see how it goes!!!

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