The List

Ok so yesterday I tried the list thing and I did not get it all done but I did get some stuff not on the list done…so I guess thats a trade off.  I am thinking the list is not really a motivator – and seeing it in writing really did not change the list from what I mentally wanted to do….and what I actually got done.

what is still left from yesterday still needs to get done – and what I did do means I still have more stuff to get done…the list never ends and it never will….so I think from now on I will skip the detailed list…and maybe make a loose list of things I want to get done….although I still think for me making the list takes more time then just doing the stuff….

so today’s list is short:

  • finish laundry (all of it cleaned and away)
  • add a bunch of pages to this site
  • blog
  • add more products to zazzle
  • make more designs
  • when I do a list like this I seem to be more likely to get it done….like yesterday I listed exactly what i wanted to do – and instead I did something else because that’s what i felt like doing….was this wrong – not really…I still added pages to my site…it is still search engine fodder and spider bait…and it still may bring me sales…as much as any other page I may  have added….it just was  a different section than I had scheduled myself to do….but it is all good…so schedule or no schedule as long as i keep doing SOMETHING….that is what really matters

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