New products!

Ok so zazzle has added some new products again – and as usual I have way too many products to go back and add all my designs to these new products – so for now i have added them to my template section – unfortunately that made my entire template break….so i am waiting and hoping it fixes soon so i can add more stuff….usually when you add new products just those dont work but the rest of the template is fine….i guess not today

so i have been working on this site some and tweeting

I have begun to add some more subcategories to my stores that are listed – maybe someday i will have every store and every subcategory in here…but i doubt it LOL  I think just the major ones will do

I have also been trying to keep up and get some future product of the days set up – i am still debating making this an every other day post as it is a lot of work to hunt down shopkeepers i really like…and submissions are quite slow when asking others to submit themselves….

you may see i have also added brand name shops and i have been adding more and more of them every day – of course starting with my favorite shops – but i will try to keep adding i have not even begun to move into the music shops….so many to choose from

today my list to do again includes laundry and cleaning as well as online work….and i just realized i have be up for about 4 hours and still have not turned on the tv so i have been working to just the sounds of cars passing and birds chirping all morning…and since the remote for the TV is still tucked under my pillow (where i put it when i go to bed so i dont lose it in my sleep) and thats out of reach i wont be turning it on soon LOL

i am still trying to think of new and fun stuff to add to my website here to make it more interactive….i also want to get all my squidoo pages linked thru in here but i have not figured out how or where….


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