Welcome to the weekend

Ok…so it is Saturday and I am still working….not that it should be news to anyone who knows me…

So on todays to do list is finish laundry (seems that one never ends)….see if my templates are working again yet on zazzle…i addeed some new products yesterday and they stopped working…i have surf designs to load still…i should make more designs too…i am already tweeting…i want to get some more blog posts made on my site here and on blogger – i did actually get some blog posts on blogger yesterday so i am quite proud of myself for that – because i have really grown to dislike the new blogger…it is horrible and ugly and i cannot work with it….so i want to get as much done now….because once they remove the old interface i will not longer be able to add new posts and my blogs will just run till the premades run out then the blogs will die…. because i cannot work in the new blogger interface at all – it is confusing and ugly and i cannot find half my blogs to be able to update them….so they will have to close….i am going to try to migrate them all over here before that happens….maybe i will start investigating how to do that today too

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