this week

Ok so this week i have a big goal – i have 1 more site to move over from dreamweaver to wordpress….so 1st i have to get enough posts in this site so that it will still have  products of the day every other day and i will have some other pages adding regularly so that it does not appear to suddenly go stale….then i need to decide what theme to go with – it is my partner site so i am thinking it should be a similar theme and i do like how this one looks….although i make change the color scheme.  if i do since this one took so much customization i think i will just copy this one over and then adjust the colors.

i also need to add some new designs and go thru more of the vectors i have foldered…i think i have them all organized into folders now…but i am not sure what shops some of them will go in.

the offline list is as usual much longer….i wont go into that today….

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