a work in progress…

Ok so this whole week is a work in progress….we are beginning renovation on the house (new roof) so between that and trying to get caught up and ahead on household chores i am soooo far behind on everything.
i swear as soon as i put my cold weather clothes away last weekend the weather plummeted – it went from the low 90′s last week to the low 60′s this week….but on the plus side i got my winter stuff away finally…so it is out of my way.  i also went through all my summer stuff tried on all my shorts and got rid of 4 pairs.  i kind of regret giving away the red ones i really loved them they were so comfy – but they re faded and they dont match ANYTHING…so i hope thier new owner gets good use out of them.  I use freecycle.org & reuseitnetwork.org to make sure that someone who needs them gets them.
next my goal is to in addition to working my ass off online this summer work my ass off offline literally this summer.  i would like to try to lose 3 pants sizes this summer…but i will be realistically happy to lose 1 pants size…i have a medical condition that makes controlling my weight very hard…especially since i cannot treat it with medication because the side effects almost killed me…the condition itself is not as deadly as the treatments for me…so i just live with it.
So, so far this week I have been tweeting a lot i love automations that help me with that so i can tweet while i do other things….i got the food shopping done for the week – still have a bag of stuff to figure out where to stick it…i will do that today…i have a big pile f bags to get folded – i don’t know why i love using the reuseable bags but i hate folding them….maybe cuz i hate folding clothes too….
i havent really defined my goals for the week for myself this week because i havent had a chance to sit down and think about it…when i cant decide what to do i just make sure i use my tweet automations…they do really seem to help when i send out a few hundred (or thousand) tweets every day…i know it sounds insane – and it prolly is….but if sales are up that is ALLLLL that matters right now LOL.
i cant imagine that i only really started using twitter like a year ago not sure why i was so against it for so long….i guess sometimes i am too stubborn for my own good…i need to get over that and just do things whether i like them or think they will work or not…
ok i guess i should get back to work now…and i really need to get over this addiction i have for castleville right now…stupid facebook games…at least i know myself and my game obsessions usually only last about 2 weeks before i tire of them and delete them
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