Todays math lesson…

So today i decided to in rough numbers figure what i need to do for my shops this year before the holiday season starts (done by 10/31 at the latest 10/15 preferred)…this is how it looks in rough numbers:

  1. 2000 design to retouch, create, finish up in photoshop
    1. we will say 20 minutes each, since some are fast and easy 2 minutes others take 2 hours.
  2. 10,000 designs already in zazzle to add to inktastic
    1. lets say 3 minutes each
  3. 10,000 designs to add to skreened
    1. we will say 4.5 minutes each they are not as fast and easy as inktastic
  4. 2000 designs to add to zazzle, inktastic & screened (after i make them above)
    1. 3 minutes – zazzle
    2. 3 minutes – inktastic
    3. 4.5 minutes – skreened
  5. move from dreamweaver to wordpress
    1. well took about 45 hours so thats what we will say – 2700 minutes
  6. finish fixing and updating 400 blog posts i imported from blogger to to have more info and publish over the next year
    1. we will say 7.5 minutes each since this is taking 5-10 minutes per post
  7. make product of the day every other day the rest of the year – roughly 90 posts
    1. each post takes about 5 minutes
  8. make bi weekly update posts on this blog – about 50 posts
    1. 10 minutes each
  9. add posts to blogger blogs – 1500 for the year to be conservative
    1. 4 minutes each
  10. pin 500 pins
    1. 2 minutes each
  11. tweet 150 times a day (120 days)
    1. 25 minutes per day
  12. miscellaneous ancillary services (facebook, forums, chats, emails) – lets say 4/day 480 days
    1.  7.5 minutes each (5-10 per)

Ok this does not include the time to turn on the computer load up the sites sign in or out of websites…and i am at….in minutes just for the work not the signing in setting up and all…

  1. 40,000
  2. 30,000
  3. 45,000
  4. 21,000
  5. 2700
  6. 3000
  7. 450
  8. 500
  9. 6000
  10. 1000
  11. 3000
  12. 3600

that makes it 156,250 minutes of work to do before the holiday season starts.

in hours that is 2604 hours roughly….

there are roughly 125 days between now and October 15th….that means i have to work roughly 21 hours per day at this pace not including signing in and out – to achieve my goal….18.6 hours if i give myself the extra 15 days in October….oh and that does not give me weekends off that is working 7 days a week those 4/5 months

I guess that means i need to get back to work and cut some thing out or down….some things cannot be done faster….the systems just don’t move any faster….some systems will be faster on some days and slower on others so if i can work more on their fast days and less on the slow days that really helps….this is another reason i don’t make a fast and true must do today type list….because if zazzle goes down for a few days or a week like it has several times….i need to be able to say oh well and go work on inktastic, photoshop or soemthing else…on the other hand if i say i want to do 10 zazzle 10 inktastic today and zazzle is zooming I’m going to keep working on zazzle and try to carve out more there while it is fast….

and now this post has gone over my allowed 10 minutes since i had to do all the calculations and i suck at math….so i will wrap this up for the day and get back to work – today i am working on #6 my goal is to have them done by June 30th….so that means like 20-25 per day every day

……PS this list does not include my offline dutys to do too….

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