remember that list….well it has been updated LOL

Ok so it has been a bit since i updated the blog here…i know i promised twice a week but well life got in the way!

i have not gotten nearly as much done as i would like to…partially thanks to comcast who will AGAIN be here today for the same recurring issue we have been having since the phillies won a world series…

starts with the tv’s freezing and pixelating and then progresses to the internet running like dialup….for the last few days i have had times where i could not check email let alone work!!!

so i have not gotten anything added to inktastic nothing added to skreened either – i got just a couple added to zazzle (like 20) – i did prep a stack of 20 designs for zazzle….and i tried to use inktastic to no avail.

the one thing i have been able to do is use twitter so i have been tweeting like a mad woman….although yesterday it was running so slow even twitter was timing out on me….cant wait for comcast to get here again today – i requested a supervisor this time….as i was told to do last time he said i needed a supervisor out here if it happened again…

they should be here between 3-5 which usually means they are here from 3 until 5 trying to figure out the issue….so hopefully they get here early or they will be dining with us…LOL that gives me about an hour and a half to clean up the house….not that i care if they think it is a mess but right now this room could qualify as an obstacle course…

so i am off to do more offline work and hope they get me zipping back along in a few hours and i get get back to my list from hell….which now that i lost a weeks work means i would need to work 26 hours a day for the next 6 months to hit my goal by the end of october….so again a lot is being pared back LOL

for a recap here is the list…and the updates have been made in red LOL

  1. 2000 1600designs to retouch, create, finish up in photoshop
    1. we will say 20 minutes each, since some are fast and easy 2 minutes others take 2 hours.
  2. 10,000 500 designs already in zazzle to add to inktastic
    1. lets say 3 minutes each
  3. 10,000  100 designs to add to skreened
    1. we will say 4.5 minutes each they are not as fast and easy as inktastic
  4. 2000 designs to add to zazzle, inktastic & screened(after i make them above)
    1. 3 minutes – zazzle
    2. 3 minutes – inktastic
    3. 4.5 minutes – skreened
  5. move from dreamweaver to wordpress
    1. well took about 45 hours so thats what we will say – 2700 minutes
  6. finish fixing and updating 400 blog posts i imported from blogger to to have more info and publish over the next year published all the posts as is, then i will occasionally take an old one update it with more info and republish it as new with a new date
    1. we will say 7.5 minutes each since this is taking 5-10 minutes per post
  7. make product of the day every other day the rest of the year – roughly 90 posts
    1. each post takes about 5 minutes
  8. make bi weekly occasionalupdate posts on this blog – about 50 posts
    1. 10 minutes each
  9. add posts to blogger blogs – 1500 for the year to be conservative rely on co-authors to publish posts to the blogger blogs and only focus on those with no co-author – closer to 300 posts need
    1. 4 minutes each
  10. pin 500 50pins
    1. 2 minutes each
  11. tweet 150 times a day (120 days)
    1. 25 minutes per day
  12. miscellaneous ancillary services (facebook, forums, chats, emails) – lets say 4/day 2/day480 days
    1. 7.5 5 minutes each (5-10 per)
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