Been a while

I know it has been over a week without an update, have not been working much, have had a lot going on. cleaning out both attics and separating into keep and yard sale….still finishing up the laundry from the store….had to stop washing the attic stuff and get the everyday stuff washed then go back to the attic stuff….

been also working some on a new site called zujava – check it out if you want Create a free account on Zujava – it is kind of like squidoo only smaller, and a bit more simplified.  it reminds me of when squidoo first started out….it seems to be faster…it has some bugs still..but it is worth checking into and getting in on the ground floor…cant hurt to try…. is my profile with list of shops if you want to check it out

today i have a bit more housecleaning to do some more boxes fromt he attic to sort through and i want to start going thru my own stuff in my room to see what can go to the yard sale….if i dont use it need it or play it….and i havent not used it in the last 8 months and dont need if for the next 8 months it can go…


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