wow skreened got fast!!!

I have been working in skreened today and it really has been improved!!!

It used to take me 4-5 minutes per design to add them, but now i am adding them in under 1 minute each!!!! i do not like that if you want the white under-layer for dark you have to re-add the same design and change the color and choose the option – and that removes the white/light items…but for now i am just adding them without the under-layer.

i am working on baseball for now my goal is 100-150 today, i think at this speed and ease i should be able to get 1000 up there by the end of July easily..if i keep it up – it is tedious and boring work….

update i have added over 200 already today i think i will take a dinner break then get back to it!!! at this speed i can get 1000 up this week and keep going!

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