Ok…I’m over being nice

I have no problems helping people who are willing to try to do things for themselves…and people who truly want the help…but i am really tired of people who think i am going to do their work for them – or do it on their time.

Here are a few tips when asking someone for help:

  • Don’t ask someone to do it for you, when you have time and you know they don’t.
  • Don’t make an appointment for help then blow it off, they cleared time I their busy schedule to help you, the least you can do is show up.
  • Don’t expect help for free, make an offer of what you can do for them, and follow through.
  • Don’t ask for help, take up hours of someones time, then not follow through with the project or work they taught you how to do.
  • Don’t ask someone how to do something you already know how to do, just to see if they do it the same way.


  • Do tell the person what your capabilities are
  • Do ask what supplies you will need to have for the appointment
  • Do show up on time or early
  • Do make attempts to research or do it yourself on your own before you ask for help
  • Do make a list of the specific questions you have and supply it before the appointment
  • Do make sure you have time to follow through on the advice given
  • Do follow through on the advice given
  • Do give something in exchange that is of value worth their time
  • Do thank the person for their help
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