been busy

I have been busy the last few weeks trying to get all my designs up into inktastic – i have about 1/3 of them up there which is great since it took me over 3 years to get them all in zazzle – and now i have added 1/3 of them to inktastic in under a month….i was hoping to get all of my designs in ink this month – i dont think i will make that….

i was getting a little down on ink because i was not seeing any sales  - even though i know it normally takes 4-8 weeks to a first sale…then last night i went in and looked – and found i had made 2 sales on the 18th totaling over $50 in commission!!  this kinda gave me the kick in the pants i needed to get back to adding and advertising there – so i have been tweeting my designs from there and i will be adding more designs there…it is definitely a good sign!!!

i also added a new political shop on inktastic for my election 2012 designs

blogger has switched to thier new look and forced everyone one it – so i will likely be letting all my blogger blogs go when the predated posts expired…since adding a postdated blog post there went from a 30 second fix to a 5 minute date fix with a glitchy calendar that does not work and keeps reverting everything back to this month over and over and over….i have complained to blogger about this issue MANY times – clearly they do not give a damn about the user experience – as long as they think it looks pretty they dont care if it is functional…

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