holidays are over – finally…

I know i have not made a post in several months, it was holiday season and i had a lot going on… i did not complete all my goals, unfortunately but i still did well and got as much done as i could. My grandmother fell ill in late november and passed away just after new years. my car fell apart – one part at a time all within just a few weeks in late november…so i had to get rid of it and get a new one…holiday sales were good but not as good as i had hoped…partially because i was not able to work as much as i need to.

My goal for now is to get 8 hours worth of actual work in every single day – which while it seems like that should be easy – it is not as easy as it seems – when people forget that just because i work from home does not mean i am free to do their errands.

Today i went food shopping and did not even begin to work until almost 2pm then i had to take a break for 35 minutes to make dinner….so i will need to work till nearly 11pm non stop to get my 8 hours in for the day….

when i am able to work without distraction i am able to accomplish a lot…it is now 5:25pm and in the last 3.5 hours i was able to….load 139 designs into my clowns shop on skreened then load 142 designs into inkstastic clowns section i also pinned about 20 clown designs onto pinterest of course i still need to do a lot more to make it feel like i accomplished something.

my stores are growing – it feels like slowly but i am sure to most of you this is quickly. i have so many designs to add and so many ideas still to create….for now i am concentrating on getting all my old designs up on new PODs – i have 2 more PODs i want to start working with but for now i cannot handle adding to more than 3 at a time….

i do need to get back to adding on zazzle i have neglected that a bit while i worked on my shops on the other PODs….and zazzle is still mymain income – although i do hope that some point soon ALL my POD stores will be making a similar income…my goal is for that to be by the end of 2013.

My true goal is to double my overall 2012 income in 2013….whether i can accomplish that i m not sure but i will need to work harder then i have before, i know i have in the last 6-9 months found many ways to speed up things i do…but i also have found the faster i work the slower sites tend to get – for example after i added 100 to skreened today it began to lag big time, so even though i intended to get my entire clown shop of about 500 designs up into skreened today, i had to stop after 139. the first 100 i was able to finish in 1 hour – the next 39 also too me 1 hour…so i decided that was not worth my time for the day and i moved to ink….i will now budget just 1 hour and 100 designs to skreened per day to maximize my time….if i find it is still running fast i will continue but if not i will move on more quickly than i did this time.

ok so this post is getting a bit long and i should get back to really working, although this does count for me as work time, it is work time i feel can be better spent.

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