today 1/31

so to hold myself accountable for actually getting work done i will post what i did today….

zazzle was down all day so i was not able to add st patricks ther elike i wanted to so instead i added

these whole sections of designs:—Kimi-o-ai-shiteru.13528/ - Japanese designs that say I love you - more clown designs

and on skreened - - the same designs i added on ink

and some other clowns

i also washed all my bedding – which sounds easier then it is since i have 3 comforters, 1 blanket, all the sheets/pillowcases and a mattress cover, 3 throw pillows, the comforters took 1.5-2.5 hours to dry for the most part – so far all comforters are done, the throw pillows are done, the blanket is in the dryer – the sheets and mattress pad are in the washer – i still have 4 regular pillows i want to wash….o think i can do them 2 at a time i am hoping for 1-1.5 hours for each pair….it is 5:30pm now i should have everything done to put the bed back together by 10pm LOL….and dont ask why i keep so much on my bed…and yes they are all needed…LOL

tonight i still need to make 10 blog posts….not including this one…..put away 2 baskets of clean clothes – and maybe try to wash one load of clothes i have left to do fold all my reuseable grocery bags from my shopping trip yesterday (i go thru them after each use to make sure they don’t need a wash and i wash them all about 4-6 times a year in one big batch)



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