so far today i have added http://inktastic.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Vultures.13536/ & http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Estonian—Ma-armastan-sind.13535/

i woke up with a nasty headache so not sure how much i will accomplish today but i am going to try to push thru and get a bunch of work done…it is only 12:30 i will try to update this later if i can get some more done i may need to lay down for a while

update added http://inktastic.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/woodpecker.13537/ also….2:30pm

update 4:30pm – added another language http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Finnish—Ma-rakastan-sua.13538/


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