Added so far…several more languages to my say i love you on inktastic – this shop is full of the phrase i love you in a multitude of languages each with several font choices and a few dozen different backgrounds…there are 45 languages at this time and i believe about 20 backgrounds for most of them….once i have them up i will work on adding another set of backgrounds to them to give even more color and style choices…i do still have stuff to add to my other inktastic shop - and i do not want to neglect it to get these ones up so my goal is a few of these and then i work on the other shop for a bit…i also want to make sure i get all my stuff into skreened – and i am looking at adding 1-2 more PODs to my portfolio…i have contacted one we will see where it goes…

i will update this thru the day as i get more stuff done…

noon – http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Hindi—Mai-tumase-pyar-karata-h.13540/

12:30 – http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Bambara—Mbi-fe.13541/

12:45 – http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Esparanto—Mi-amas-vin.13542/

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