i know i have missed several days of posting – i have been busy trying to focus on working instead of posting…so let’s see what have i done…

well in the last week i added:

Stamp out cause designs to inktastic

the rest of the languages to i love you on inktastic – so that shop is done (until i make more)

i built a recycle shop on skreened

i built my go green shop on skreened - which is about 1/2 done

i started adding my anime to skreened

i got all my saint patricks up into skreened

i added more clowns to my skreened clown shop so it is almost done now

i am almost done adding the clowns to ink also

i started adding the i love yous into my sat i love you shop in zazzle - some were there already but not many – this time i am redoing them one language at a time – i have finished igbo and i am working on hawaiian now

I have gotten most of my promotional blogs filled at least through the summer with posts at least once a week…

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