About Me

My PictureJust a little about me, hmmm what can I say?

I was born in 1976 in NJ, USA. I love to travel, I have been to about 30 US states, Baja Mexico, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain and South Africa. If I could choose anywhere to live it would be Heidelberg Germany, I lived there for 4 months studying German and I loved it….even though I still only speak German like the average German 2 year old…I know a lot of words but cannot conjugate them very well and have horrible sentence structure.

I use to write poetry a lot, and from time to time I will share them online.

I love photography I have thousands of photographs I have taken on my trips, many of which are for sale in my stores Chasing the Gnome & Shopaholic Chick.

I have degrees in Criminal Justice & History…and consider myself to be a History Geek and a News Junkie….i read about 5 different news feeds every day – many of them i check 5-10 times every day just to make sure i catch the latest news…

I read a lot, i have multiple e-reader devices and hundreds of paperback and hard cover books. even with my e-readers sometimes i just need the feel and smell of a good book!

I also enjoy crafts such as drawing (go figure since i sell my art online), crochet, and jewelry making. I have several pair of earrings for sale though a local art center & gallery in Hammonton NJ. I also enjoy making plarn, which is yarn made from old plastic bags, and using it to crochet bags and other fun useful items for around the house.

Surprisingly enough I am not a shopaholic…I really do not enjoy shopping unless i am looking for a good deal! I am a couponer, although I do not take it to extremes…I do not have room for 1000 rolls of toilet paper, for 600 bars of soap!!! I do clip and print coupons and track sales, I do not go out of my way to get to a store just because of a good deal, unless it will save me a substantial amount of money. I do not want to waste the gas and pollute the environment just to save $2! I also donate all my unused, unwanted & expired coupons to US military families living over seas. The local library helps me with this, they collect coupons each month, i pick them up the end of the month and i mail them to 2 families i adopted through Coupons to Troops. If you do not use coupons but you receive them in the mail, or you have ones expiring every month like most of us do, you should adopt a family too! US military families who are stationed on over seas bases can use the coupons in the PX and commissary for up to 6 months after they expire…and shipping is the same as mailing them across town!

Ok…so I guess that is enough about me, if you want to know more you can look me up on Facebook!

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