i know i have missed several days of posting – i have been busy trying to focus on working instead of posting…so let’s see what have i done… well in the last week i added: Stamp out cause designs to inktastic the rest of the languages to i love you … Continue reading


ok so i missed posting for a few days – because i was busy working – i got a lot of my blogs filled once a week for the next 5-6 months – i have added several more sections to inktastic – i have also been adding on zazzle… so … Continue reading

today 2-6

today so far i went food shopping – got dinner in the oven and i have added http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Papiamento—-Mi-ta-stimabo.13545/ – i don’t think i will get 8 hours in today but i will try…. another section done – http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Bulgarian—Obicham-te.13547/ also have this song on replay i have it stuck in my … Continue reading


Added so far…several more languages to my say i love you on inktastic – this shop is full of the phrase i love you in a multitude of languages each with several font choices and a few dozen different backgrounds…there are 45 languages at this time and i believe about … Continue reading


so far today i have added http://inktastic.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Vultures.13536/ & http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Estonian—Ma-armastan-sind.13535/ i woke up with a nasty headache so not sure how much i will accomplish today but i am going to try to push thru and get a bunch of work done…it is only 12:30 i will try to update this … Continue reading

today 2/2

well it is only 3pm so earlier then normal for one of these posts but i have gotten a bunch done today….i added another big group of clowns to http://skreened.com/clown_designs – and i made about 100 blog posts i filled 4 more blogs one day a week thru the end … Continue reading

today 2/1

today i made the missing alphabet letters for my clown designs that i spent like 5 hours searching for the other day only to discover they did not exist….i also got them added to zazzle, inktastic & skreened.  i set u p post dated blog posts to appear once a … Continue reading

today 1/31

so to hold myself accountable for actually getting work done i will post what i did today…. zazzle was down all day so i was not able to add st patricks ther elike i wanted to so instead i added these whole sections of designs: http://iloveyou.shopaholicchick.com/Shop/Japanese—Kimi-o-ai-shiteru.13528/ – Japanese designs that … Continue reading

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