Award Gear

Designs honoring Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, kids and lovers. Features “Five Star Mom”, “Five Star Dad”. “5 Star Lover”, “5 Star Grandma”, “5 Star Grandpa”, “Five Star Kid”. Also, fun designs give a blue ribbon and a #1 to your favorite mother, father, lover, grandfather, grandmother or kid. T-shirts, hats, … Continue reading

Diane Clancy’s Whimsical Art

Are you looking for the unique and unusual to amaze yourself and your friends? These digital paintings will take you on journeys into lands of love, whimsy, fun, joy and fantasy. Allow yourself to enjoy these magical, celestial experiences as you explore different realms created with delightful, vibrant colors. Each … Continue reading


Jazz up your home furnishings with zingy abstract and oriental-style designs on matching Pillows, Placemats and Napkins. These modern designs will go far to complement and enhance table settings and room furnishings. Designs are based on original photographs which are transformed to produce abstract patterns and effects. Dee enjoys the … Continue reading

Christian Acronyms

Christian Acronyms T-Shirts, Christian T-Shirts, Inspirational Posters, cards and gifts. PUSH-Pray Until Something Happens, FROG-Fully Rely on God, TGIF-Thank God I’m Forgiven, With God all Things are Possible, LOST-Until Jesus Found Me, Christian Chick, God is Pure Love, Holy Spirit and more. Give these Beautiful and Colorful Acronym designs in … Continue reading

Diane Clancy’s Holidays

Are you looking for fun, whimsical ideas for the holidays? Diane Clancy’s Holiday shop includes angels with trumpets, toys to delight children, hearts for Valentine’s Day, Halloween creations and wonderful Christmas visions. These slightly old-fashioned, colorful and unique paintings will inspire love, whimsy, fun, healing and fantasy. Allow yourself to … Continue reading

Diane Clancy’s Goddess

Are you looking to connect with your spirituality? Is awareness and connection to Spirit important to you? Diane Clancy’s Goddess shop has powerful and moving paintings that may inspire and strengthen you. This fine art is visionary art that may allow you connect with your deepest aspects and your spiritual … Continue reading

Diane Clancy’s Fractals

Are looking for something new? Do you want something to amaze yourself and others? Fractals are stunning and unique art that is produced with mathematical formulas. Diane Clancy has created some whimsical, mind-expanding pieces of fine art using fractals. These digital paintings will take you on journeys into lands of … Continue reading

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