Shopaholic Chick has a collection of more then 10,000 designs available on over 300 different products from a variety of different companies. Below you will find links to some of the most popular categories and designs from zazzle, if you wish to see more products offered from other companies please check the other stores listed under my web stores above. I am always adding new designs and new products so come back often. Custom designs are also available just contact me and let me know what you are looking for!!

clown town 9-11-01 Go Green
Say I Love You Edibility Occupation Station
Holiday Designs Stamp out designs for a cause from santas desk
Jewcy Designs Addicted To Doodle Speakers
B is for Birds Hello darkness Dragons Lair
Sports Designs just sports shop for all sports Kiki Kitty & Kiki Kat
Weather designs Wedding Designs
Graduation Station Assorted Geek Binderific
Music Designs Knock Out for a Cause Star of David
template love Peace Signs Triple Goddess
Gay Wedding Designs Gay Wedding Designs

If you want to know more about who I am as an artist or in my life outside the internet you can check out my about me link – or just follow my facebook page at the top! All of my shops are linked in the menu bar at the top, and I am always adding new products to my shops, and new shops to my selection. I also have begun to work with printers besides zazzle, and those will soon be linked and available also. I am beginning to list items for sale on etsy and I will be sharing links to those products also.

I will try to keep my blogs up to date both my personal blog and my product of the day blog, although i may not feature a product every day…some days I just need to take a day off!


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