The Inspired Edge

Offering a unique, one-stop-shopping experience designed to fill all your wedding, business and gift giving needs.  From elegant invitations to posh party supplies, we’ll help you make the most of your next event. Choose from thousands of items and hundreds of award winning, one of a kind designs that can … Continue reading

Little One Coyote

LittleOne Coyote is a small and growing shop of unique Native American Indian designs that range from fantasy Indian Maidens and horses  to Native American artwork such as dreamcatchers and mandalas – and a section of historical public domain photographs of the Native Americans of yesteryear. The beautiful Native American … Continue reading

Get Yer Goat

A Goat Lovers Gift Shop.  We sell goat t-shirts, Goat iPhone and iPad Cases!, Goat Calendars, Easter Goat Gifts, Cartoon Goat Gifts, Goat Christmas cards, everything you can think of featuring goats. Goat Necklaces for the extreme goat lover – Very unique gifts for anyone raising goats! Wear them to … Continue reading

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