Specializing in Hand-drawn sketches of many genres including cute cartoon characters, Surreal and Dark Art, Mythical and Magical creatures and heaps of age old symbols. Originally from the UK, but now living in the US the owner of this store is a self taught artist and Work At Home/homeschooling Mother … Continue reading

The Inspired Edge

Offering a unique, one-stop-shopping experience designed to fill all your wedding, business and gift giving needs.  From elegant invitations to posh party supplies, we’ll help you make the most of your next event. Choose from thousands of items and hundreds of award winning, one of a kind designs that can … Continue reading

Diane Clancy’s Fractals

Are looking for something new? Do you want something to amaze yourself and others? Fractals are stunning and unique art that is produced with mathematical formulas. Diane Clancy has created some whimsical, mind-expanding pieces of fine art using fractals. These digital paintings will take you on journeys into lands of … Continue reading

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