Zazzle Tutorials

There are many ways to get ahead on zazzle, but they all begin the same place – your store.

Your store needs to be well laid out, easy to navigate, filled with products which are well described and correctly tagged, then you can move on to directing people to your store.

These tutors will walk you through some of the important steps you need to consider whether you are new to zazzle, or just trying to revamp your stores to bring in more business.

to learn the lingo and abbreviations commonly used in POD chat and tutorials –

free online types of advertising –
how to choose advertising –
Effectivly using Business cards for advertising –
Assorted free advertising and promotions –
Pinging/Pingler –

Time Management
Get Organized blog offers tips and tricks every day on how to organize your time more efficiently, also offers links and tutorials –

Creating Images
some guidelines on making images -
what to sell – determining if your design is legal flow chart –

Writing Tags, Titles & Descriptions
How to write effective tags, descriptions and titles –

Blogging efficiently – quick overview of what to look for in a blog service –
Indepth blogging efficiently with chart organizing what each service offers and tips on how to blog –
Blogger Bookmarklet –

Tweeting (bonus tweeting from zazzle video) –
Gremln – a twitter tool –
Video – Gremln –
Twitterfeed – auto feeding new items to twitter-

Pinning zazzle products –

recolor/replace color tool to adjust colors –
Making an ink blot –
DPI upscaling issues –
DPI photo scaling –
Layers in Photoshop –
Spinning and rotating an image –
Creating a frame –
Adding brushes to Photoshop


Adding products to inktastic –
Blogging from Inktastic video –

Bogging from skreened –

create a template sectionf or use in quick create –
using your template section in Quick Create –
Changing shop title –

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