Twitter is fast easy and free. make an account with then just start tweeting!  Tweet anything tweet everything.  Remember tweets are quickly indexed but also quickly disappear, after 7 days they are no longer search-able so it may seem crazy to do soemthing knowing that it is going to be gone in 7 days but it is just like running an ad in the paper – after the paid ad date passes it wont be published again – only this is free.  for 7 days your link will be on twitter for free.

This tutorial will show yo how fast and easy it is to make a single tweet, when you combine this with another tool like socialoomph or gremln you can make these tweets recur, that is you can set the tweet to tweet again on a certain day or with gremln every predetermined number of days.  Check the Gremln tutorial for more information on Gremln tweeting.

zazzle makes tweets fast and easy just go to any product page while signed into zazzle and click the blue twitter T under the product image.  It will take you to a twitter screen with a tweet of the title and a link to the product.  you can tweet it just like that, or you can add to it, #tags are the best thing to add.

#tags are the way you add a keyword to your tweet, the same reason keywords are needed in zazzle is why they are needed in twitter, they create search-able cross links.

I have created a quick video on how to tweet from your zazzle stores

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